Leamington hospital. Leamington

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My husband is here for bloodclot and was sent by his phycian for immediate care. Bloodwork was taken  and level are way too high.We have been in the waiting room for 4hours!!! There people here that hv been here for 6 hours. This is unexceptable. In all this time i hv heard 5 people being called. How can this happen? Hope i will get a reply fr u.

Royal Victoria Hospital Barrie

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I called 911 and was taken to RVH with crippling back pains. I was treated nice by the paramedics but they didn’t offer me to lay down on a stretcher for comfort, I was put in the chair I stead. It was a very painful trip to say the least. The paramedic listened to my symptoms and said it sounded like a kidney stone.

I was put in a wheel chair and brought in where I was quickly registered at emergency triage but then put into a waiting room where I was left alone, crying, and in obvious pain. I was shivering and so I wheeled myself to another section to grab a blanket to cover up.

When I was finally brought in and put on a bed I was told I would be going for a scan and an ultrasound. They also said I would get a catheter put in to relieve pressure and Tylonel for the pain. Several hours went by, many unsuccessful trips to the bathroom and crying saying I just want to go pee and still nothing.

After 2 failed attempts to put an IV in (not their fault, my veins are uncooperative and it’s common, they finally got the IV in, she told me it would be bruised (oh yes it’s bruised) and then I laid down while they attached fluids to hydrate me. Shortly after, the fluids were stopped and I was taken for a scan. I was returned to my room where they did not reconnect my fluids. I waited a while and then they brought me Tylonel and reconnected my IV.

I finally managed to fall asleep (I honestly do not know how long I was asleep) but I was woken by the doctor (Dr. Waterman) where she asked me how I was feeling g and if there was pain. I told her no pain. She said the stone passed into my bladder because there was no sign of it on my scan and she wrote me a prescription for something to help with urine flow and sent me home. The following morning I woke up at 5:01am in excruciating pain again. I felt like it was starting all over again. I woke again at 6:01am & again at 7:01am, that’s when I contacted my boss and told him I was in no shape to come into work. Shortly after that I received a call from a Doctor from the ER asking how I was feeling g. I told him what I was going through,he then asked if I received a prescription for an antibiotic. I told him I hadn’t and he told me I had to come back to the hospital.

I went back to emerge where I was subjected to more blood work which left me in tears because I was already sore from the needles before, again my veins weren’t cooperating and I had 2 attempts before it worked.

I was then taken to where I got an ultrasound and then returned to a chair section (I wanted to lay on the floor I was in so much pain). I was then told I should have been given an antibiotic for the infection in my kidneys and the ecoli infection in my bladder. If I had gotten all this on the first visit I wouldn’t be suffering this bad today. Thanks Dr. Waterman, you put me through Hell. I feel like I’m dying. :'( How can you forget to prescribe an antibiotic when there is an infection present?


The nursing staff were super caring and sympathetic to my situation on June 10th but when dealing with someone suffering with pain like that, bed…NEVER chairs please!

RVH Barrie

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My daughter was in an accident this evening, June 7th 2017. She was assessed at the scene and released, with me having to sign that she was not being brought to the hospital but that should she present with a headache, pains etc to take her to emergency immediately. We did that. When we got there, the hospital was quite quiet so one can only assume that they were not as busy as some nights.

We arrived at emerg at 10:00pm, at midnight my daughter was experiencing more pain and the headache was becoming more severe. I proceeded to go to the nurses station to see how long it would be before she was seen. I stood there for at least 5 minutes before the two nurses and a doctor even noticed I was standing there. When I asked the question, they looked at me, said that all the charts on the wall were before her and said that there were people that have been waiting for 3 hours before we arrived.

Now I explained to them what was happening, to which they responded with a non caring or compassionate response, and again told me that others have been waiting for 3 hours. My response was that an accident victim, with more pressing injuries is not deemed a priority? They looked at me like I had ten heads.

When I returned to my daughter and told her about the situation and wait time, we agreed to leave to go to a more efficient hospital that would take her injuries more seriously and we left.

This would not have been so dramatic had it not been for the 3 other waiting patients left emerg without being seen as well because of the same reason of the wait, two of which were young children under the age of two presenting with illnesses.

People that were waiting in rooms to be seen, were also making comments about the wait, especially when they look out of the assessment room to the nurses station and see that they are engrossed in conversation that has nothing to do with a patient, but that of personal content.

I am appalled that this is allowed to continue, and have seen this many times in the past, which is why I do my best to avoid going to RVH unless it is of an urgent and time sensitive matter. Tonight again proves to me that the staff working in the “Orange” treatment area are not there to do the job they are qualified to do, but for a paycheck and socialization with fellow employees and doctors.  Why they considered my daughter as non urgent is beyond me under the conditions and what she was presenting with.

RVH has a bad name for being incompetent and uncaring with patients, being seen talking about their personal lives at the nurses station rather then doing the job they are paid to do. It is completely disgusting that this is happening, and should we find out her injuries are as severe as we think they are, I will be hiring a lawyer for malpractice and ensure the nurses are reported to the CNO for non compliance of their Code of Ethics.

RVH needs to get rid of these nurses and staff members that refuse to do the job they have been trained and hired to do. Cases of this nature can go from non life threatening to life threatening in a blink of an eye.

From the time we left triage, we did not see another medical professional attempt to check on my daughter. RVH is a disgrace to the medical field and needs to change. Five hours plus before you are seen when head, back and knee injuries are reported and presented is completely unacceptable. A concussion is a serious injury, but this hospital like their demeanour and attitude towards their patients show absolutely no mannerisms for patients, but instead their efforts are poured into co workers and each other.

If you hear someone make a joke about only go to RVH if you want to die, know its true…by the time you are seen and assessed properly, blood tests and other tests that will indeed follow, know that you will most likely be dead.

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Child Care Centre

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My daughter was admitted to the hospital due to attempted suicide she is just 16 years old. Doctors require my consent for treatment, Nobody notified us of this treatment. Not even the mother. Being as the hospital requires my consent this is medical malpractice and we will be seeking legal counsel. It is against the law to treat her without informing me of such treatment.

Trillium Health Centre (Hurontario and The Queensway)

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Yesterday afternoon I was brought to the hospital by ambulance for an eye injury. My health card was with the paramedics and they handed it off to hospital staff when I arrived. Once I was home later that evening I realized that it had not been returned to me and called the hospital to inquire, and they said it couldn’t be found. My husband went there last night to ask the nurses and search more but there was no luck. This morning I returned again, and when I asked the emergency staff about it being lost, a staff member responded that “it’s valuable and someone took advantage of it” upon learning that it was a red and white health card, leaving me no choice but to believe that it was stolen by hospital staff. This is incredibly unprofessional, unethical, and a great inconvenience for me now having a barrier in recieving the medical care I need for this emergency. Today’s comments from the emergency staff suggest that this is not an unusual occurrence, which is deeply troubling. I will not be returning to this hospital for medical care.

Oakville Traflagr Memorial Hopsital

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I too had an awful experience with Dr. Beshay and Dr. Shamim.  I have Crohn’s Disease and had been hospitalized for it, in fact was hospitalized for 6 days in November with the chance of having to have surgery due to the development of a fistula.  A couple months later in January/February I had another flare-up and went immediately to the hospital (Emergency) as instructed in hopes of getting it under control and not suffering more damage.  I was seen by Dr. Shamim who was dismissive, rude and seemed unconcerned with my history and present state.  I was given a pain killer and sent home around midnight with a prescription which I had to get filled.  I was instructed to come back in the morning for a MRI.  I was in shock that I wasn’t kept overnight considering my history.  The painkiller eased the pain which in her opinion was reason to send me home?  The next day I got a call from the hospital saying that my MRI would be in 5 days.  Upset by this timeline and  in extreme pain called my doctor who told me to get back to the Hospital and tell the desk I am back for an MRI and needed to tell them to connect me to the GI on duty who would be expecting me.  I was admitted.  Dr. Beshay came into my room, closed the doors and said to me “who told you, you  could ask for a GI, that’s not how things work here…I make the decisions not you?”  I told her my doctor had sent me back with specific instructions and if as she contacted his office the information would be confirmed.  She said she was not allowed to contact a specialist.  She was condescending and unprofessional.  She kept standing with her arms folded staring at me and when I spoke would start sneering.  I felt unsafe and vulnerable and was desperate for someone to come to my aid.  She then proceeded to examine me but said  “I know I am not a specialist so I hope you are Ok with this” in a very condescending manner.  Later she came into my room and said “I contacted the GI you said was waiting for you which I am  not allowed to do, thankfully he is a good man and was willing to talk to me and told me he knows nothing about you and was given no instructions regarding your MRI”  while doing this she pretended to be holding a phone receiver. She then sent me for an MRI and afterwards sent me home with a prescription for Entocort which I had told her was not working for me.  The prescription itself was unable to be filled because she left out key information on the prescription.  I was left to pull out my own IV.  I was so desperate to get out of Emergency I didn’t even care that blood was everywhere, I cleaned it up with baby wipes I had in my purse and ran out as fast as I could.  I phoned my doctor and his receptionist told me I was suppose to be admitted after my MRI and the GI was in fact waiting for me and had been for hours, she had not contacted him.  She ordered her own MRI without contacting him?  According to my MRI results and my GI I was in active flare-up and should not have been sent home by either doctor.  I will never go to the Emergency at this hospital if these two doctors are on duty, I will call ahead.  I will go to either Credit Valley or The Burlington hospital.   In my opinion they are not concerned with patient care and are incompetent and cruel.  They made me fell  like I had no right to be there and was a waste of their time.  I have since filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.  They are currently under investigation.  I have always received good care at the hospital and have never had to complain but,  knew what happened to me was not right and am grateful that there are organizations that help patients who have been mistreated.  I am disappointed with the hospital itself for not reaching out to me after I sent them the copy of the letter I sent to the OCPS, in fact it has been 5 months.  By not doing so it sends a message that patient experience is not a concern to them.

Brampton Civic hospital

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Concerning my daughter inlaw AND grand-daughter Robyn McClean and Mya Phillips.  I am the custodian for my grand-daughter whom was apprehended Dec 14, 2016.  Postpartum dept Paula (don’t have a last name) told me what the conditions were, along with the social worker from the CAS Danielle.  My complaint is one of the conditions was Robyn was to have a mental assessment done by Dr. Bami.  I have a 6 month agreement with the CAS and within 2 weeks, Mya will be 6 months old AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!  Numerous phone calls have been made to find out when she can be seen by Dr Bambi, only to be told another patient requires his expertise more than her.   Also Dr. Garay sent in a referral and STILL NOTHING!!!!  It is imperative that these conditions are met for Robyn to have her daughter returned to her care.  I can NOT take on another grand-daughter, I am 63 years old and I really feel you are setting Robyn up to fail!!!  Not only is this imperative, her mental health is at stake should she lose a child to foster care.  If there is any compassion in your hearts, Can you please check into this matter as it is also tearing me apart,

Lake ridge hospital , oshawa

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Wife went in for pneumonia, was diagnosed and told she will have a prescription for antibiotics and a pain killer she can rotate with Tylenol every 3 hours , doc never wrote the pain killers down . Now she is in agonizing pain can’t sleep or eat to take the antibiotics ! Called back 6 or 7 times to be hung up on and treated like absolute garbage ! It’s disgusting how they treat people and offer no help unless you are there in person , even offered to come back for another 5! HOUR wait but nope basically called my wife a drug addict . Now I fully understand that there are probably cases like this all the time with some people as desperation sets in but my wife is a successful 27 year old school teacher who has never done a drug in her life I’m appauled by the service of these people and you should be ashamed of them all ! I have names of doctors and nurses if interested in a follow up , I’m sure that won’t happen because you probably put on a good show at work to but deep down you don’t give a shit .  They need to rethink there career if that’s how they ASSUME all people are . Have a wonderful day .

Jason McConnell

Brampton Civic Hospital

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My husband has just been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that has spread to his bones. He has been seen twice by Dr Cheema. We understand that Dr Cheema is new but she desperately needs to learn a bedside manner. She does not take the time to answer questions and doesn’t realize that this is new to some people like ourselves. B4 i file an official complaint to Dr Reingold is there anything that can be done? Tks in advance, regards, Sue

The Ottawa Hospital

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Wi-Fi has been out for 2 days across the Ottawa Hospital. No one seems to know who to talk to about having it looked in to. I find the WiFi necessary to combat the boredom of having to sit in the hospital for days on end. Please have it repaired.

Cheo Ottawa Children’s hospital

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My husband and I arrived at Cheo May 13, 2017  around 12:30 pm with our 14 month old daughter. When we were asked to come to registration the two nurses, one on the computer writing down what the other nurse was checking on our daughter. I have to say this was the WORSE experience I have had with the nurses. I was actually shocked by their attitude towards us. I was extremely worried about my daughter she had just had a seizure a few hours before arriving there, she had started a rash all over her body. We know now it was due to the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. They were not empathic at all and when I asked questions I was brushed off with attitude. As a worried mother I feel like they should’ve been WAY more supportive and the should have show a little more concern and compassion. I don’t expect them to cry for me or to console me but I don’t expect to have people to be rude and short when i’m in the hospital seeking help. I never got their name because I was so upset and I knew if I spoke any longer to them I probably would’ve gotten more angry with them. I think the staff needs a little reminder on how to treats parents who come in with sick children. I work with the public everyday and I would never have acted the way they did. If I did I would probably get complains about it as well. It’s just not right. If they aren’t happy in that job then maybe they should look for something else. If they are having a bad day, well I’m sorry but don’t take it out on the people coming in looking for help. I will make sure my complaint is heard EVERYWHERE. I do expect someone to be in contact with me about my situation. my telephone number is 613-323-5872.

TBRHSC Thunder Bay ON

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Good Morning.


It has taken me a whole day to calm down and finally write this complaint. I had to attend TBRHSC on Tuesday May 2, 2017 @ approximately 9 PM with my 14-yr. old daughter. We walked in a very pleasant nurse took our details, and we were promptly sent to x-ray. We returned from x-ray to be immediately place in a room to see a Doctor. Dr. McGregor came in the room in a timely fashion, after over hearing the nurse and him discussing my daughter situation. Dr. McGregor asked us what brought us here this evening. As myself and my daughter started to explain he promptly dismissed cut us off like the last visit 1 yr. ago. He did not want to hear anything we had to say or explain. Once he left the room I could hear him chatting with the nurse at the station in regards to a patient a young aboriginal man about 15, in the next room. Dr. McGregor continued to mock this family “Oh I am having an allergy attack maybe it was something I ate. Maybe because I showered or maybe because I got dressed today like really” these were the words that came from his mouth 5 feet from me. I was appalled. At this point I am speechless. Dr. Zenetti then came into asses my daughter. He was very understanding and was really wanting to help her as she was in pain. He offered Ativan which she quickly refused, as she does not take any pain meds. He called the orthopedic surgeon on call for a second opinion. As Dr. Zenetti left the room Dr. McGregor stopped with and ask him about my daughter. Next, I hear Dr. McGregor state to Dr. Zenetti that “all she is looking for is pain meds” Dr. Zenetti quickly stated back to Dr. McGregor “I offered her some and she refuse, so she is not looking for meds”. Dr. McGregor quickly responded with “pfft”. You should be ashamed of yourselves allowing a Dr. with this attitude and lack of care and concern towards human beings to even practice medicine. I am still in shock and would like to discuss this further in detail. I am also going to the media both local and social in regards to this incident. This man has no right to be treating staff, patients, or anybody for that matter in this regard.


Thank you in advance.

Robin Perry


Hospital du Suroit de Salaberry Valleyfield.

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Dear Sir/Madam,   I’m having a problem with the Laboratory not Faxing my Coumadin results to Dr. Shareen Ghali at the Lakeshore Hospital.  When I call them they will tell me they sent them, which is a Lie.   My understanding is that there is a Beef with the Lakeshore Hospital, at the EXPENSE of the Patient.  The Valleyfield Hospital should see to the problem, My life is at risk.  THank you,  Katherine  Regan

Credit Valley Hospital Mississauga

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I wants to complaint about the bad experience I had on Friday evening April 28, 2017 at the RAJ Emergency area. I was transferred to hospital via Ambulance due to my foot injury. I was unable to walk to my foot and lead head Angela in the RAJ area didn’t provided me the wheel chair. She was very very rude about the whole situation. Even other patients in the area also noticed that how Lead head was rude about the whole situation. I heard from other patients also about this person’s rude behavior. I think some seniors of the Hospital must speak to her regarding her behavior towards patients. It’s also the reputation of the Hospital.


Trillium Hospital Mississauga

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My father was ill and brought to this hospital. He had some bowel issues, with out going into detail. He was operated on shortly afterwards. The surgeon promise my mother he would be ok. He ended up passing away. While in Icu, he was sedated and paralyzed. The nurses would come in the room and say that my father is strong but dying. The nurses had theses conservations in the room with other nurses. It is a known fact that we are careful with our words with sedated people because we don’t know how much they can hear. The nurses made it out a big deal that I wanted to speak with the doctors. It was pulling tooth and nails. Truly a shame. If it was there loved ones, they would be behaving differently.

Centenary Hospital

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Walk in doctor decides not to show up at 10 a.m. wasn’t there for 11 a.m. The clinic opens at 10 a.m. as a professional, being at work on time is something I expect to be a standard. In the hospital business I’d expect there to be some sort of pride in the job. It may just be a walk in, but people rely on these services.

Western University Hospital, London Ontario

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Tonight my friend Matthew is in serious need of medical attention with severe heart pains that have been coming on every five minutes. We went to this emergency because we have no mode of transportation to anywhere else. The triage nurse did not believe this emergency situation and the wait we were told to wait 6 hours minimum.  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY THAT CANNOT WAIT 6 HOURS!!!!! THIS IS CANADA WHAT ARE WE PAYING TAXES FOR?????? If there are not enough doctors to handle patients with serious life-threatening emergencies such as extreme heart pains then more doctors need to be hired. Period. I am LIVID with the service of this hospital. We cannot afford to call 911. We do not have enough money for food as university students let alone the ambulance bill. I am sick to my stomach with anger at the absolute awful (and lack of) treatment. I have been here before with a migraine and was made to wait through the pain for more than 3 hours with no medicine for the extreme pain. When the pain finally subsided and I was seen, the doctor on duty told me “Oh, you do not look like you have a migraine, there is nothing I can do for you”. That is OBVIOUSLY because I was continuously moved down the line of patient priority until I was the last to be seen by the doctor for the entire night. At the very bottom of the list to be treated when all I needed was something to stop the pain. This cruel treatment was purposeful and unjustified. This is unacceptable.

Matthew’s father has a very serious heart condition, yet as Matthew was writhing in pain in the waiting room, this was not taken into account and nothing was being done. We currently do not know what to do because we have no other options other than to wait out the pain at home and hope he is not having a heart attack or dealing with a fatal heart condition. I am writing this message because Matthew is in too much pain. This is exam season at UWO and there is absolutely no time to wait 6 hours or come at a different time. The treatment from this hospital is non-existant and more doctors are NEEDED to be hired. All I can say is that if Matthew’s condition proves to be worse because of the lack of treatment or belief in the emergency, there will be legal consequences.

All hospitals i have been to

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I have been abused and midiagnosed by doctors especially at emergency rooms since 1999 even to the point that i almost died of a bowel perforation and gps and psychiatrists refused to even do the test to show i had actually perforated[the bloodwork refected it] and i know it was a face[i almost died!] and still to this day i get abuse and no treatment or investigations into my advanced liver disease complications or very serious liver /gallbladder/heart disease cause the system is broken. And because i have mental illness in addition and once they label you in canada. No Doctor will ever oppose another doctors if you are misdiagnosed and physical problems are blamed on mental. In fact it is so corrupt that if you try to see another doctor for a unbiased opinion or help they will either defend the misdiagnosis of their colleages or if the doctor is fair enough to look at the whole story and sees there is misdiagnosis they will just not get involved at all. I was told by my family doctor that Alberta health services teaches at seminars to drop patients like me with mulitple health problems cause we cost the system to much money. And that the doctor in canada do not even have to take the hippocratic oath anymore in canada or at least alberta. It is all about money and nothing about helping human beings i have learned this from 40 years of abuse and mistreatment including being lied to by doctors, treated like a animal or piece of rubbish and even almost killed by ignorant arrogant incompetent doctors when i perforated my gut in 2002 in thunder bay ontario. But the corruption is worse now in calgary especially cause this city is overtaken by greed money lust. The sign when you drive into calgary says “Be part of the energy” But when you try get help or any compassion or love from anyone there isnt anyone everyone just cares about their jobs and saving money especially in the medical profession. I am being extreme there are some good people but he majority is run by this greed service to self money lust energy which is the mentality in calgary cause of the oil boom which has corrupted the city. Business is the opposite of spirituality which is love and compassion for your fellow human. And calgary is a business based city. But when it gets to the point of abusing humans and causing them severe mental stress its repulsive and that is what i have gotten from the medical profession in canada and especially calgary for about 30 years.

St boniface hospital winnipeg mb

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wait time at hospital taking in patients less or equally serious out of order

lakeridge oshawa hospital

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The complaint is there isn’t any place to park to pick up a patent It is not right that when are having the stress of going and visiting your next of kin for days and weeks and then get a parking  ticket for picking up a patient . There is no place for patient pick up .What of system is that?