I got a call to day from the Cat Scan dept. to book my appointment for Aug. 10. The lady that phone was very abruptive with me. She was talking so fast about the thing’s that I have to do, but, when I tried to interrupt and say something she said “she was talking and this is what they do”. Well I kept on trying to tell her that I have had scans before and didn’t have to do all these thing’s that she wanted. She kept on saying that it’s the way they do it. It’s about all this water I have to drink – I told her I can’t I have IBS and can’t drink that much water if |I do I will get the runs. She said too bad that’s what they do. Then she said that I will have a injection, and I asked what kind and she said dye. I asked her if she had my file and it said that I am very alergic to this and that I will die, and that all this info is in my file. She told me that this is what they do. She was very rude to me. If you tape these call’s you will hear what I’m trying to say. My life is more important than a scan that has all this involved, which I have never had heard off before. I will admit that I did hang up on her before I said something that I would be sorry for. I’m 68 years old and this is not the way to treat anyone. Also I hope that they will not charge OHIP for this scan when I told her to cancel.