My 97 yr, old Father-In-Law attended at the Sault Area Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 2 days ago with severe leg pain and bowel movement problems. He was placed into a room with an IV in his arm. He waited for 3.5 hours in the Emergency Department for a doctor. No doctor ever came into the room to attend to him in that timeframe. Very upset about this, he pulled out the IV from his arm, called my husband to pick him up to take him home. Later that evening he had a severe bowel movement attack at home. My husband and I are furious with the way the Emergency Department treated him. This is extremely poor service exhibited by the medical field, so we have decided to no longer support the Sault Area Hospital financially, as we had been making donations to them for years.

I would really appreciate a follow-up on this issue. The date of the incident was June 9/21 in the a.m. The patient’s name is Richard S. Brown.

Erika Brown