For a long long time me and my family doctor Anthony Mc. Dowell are trying to get MRI for my low back, both feet, left and right ankle and knees. We followed your procedure and got all X rays of the above mentioned prior to sending requests for MRI . However Doctor Mc Dowell’s requests for the MRI constantly get missing on a regular basis. My family doctor Mc Dowell resent requests on numerous occasions but keeping records at the MRI is the absolute and complete disaster. The X Rays for both knees, feet and ankles were done recently in May 2021 but when I spoke to MRI representative on June the 11th she didn’t have a clue what was done and what was not done , I was asked again to ask my family doctor to resend the requests. I can not ask him forever to waste his time sending new requests and I cannot spend the rest of my life waiting for MRI because you are not keeping paperwork properly and not keeping record what was done and what was not DONE in x RAY . I can radiate from all the X rays done and still do not have a clue when I will get the MRI that my Orthopedic surgeon needs.