This complaint is filed for my father:
Patient name: Zarif Sedra Mohareb Kandes
HCN: 3772841528HE
B.O.D.: July 7, 1932

Complaint against:
Dr. Shamim Safia, CPSO#: 85389
Location of complaint: ER – Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

On Friday January 8,2021 my father, Zarif Sedra Mohareb Kandes visited the emergency at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital due to unusual shortness of breath, severe pain in his abdomen and upper right leg which prevent him from walking except few steps, in addition to urgent request from his family doctor, DR. G.Tiab (CPSO#: 99910) after the later received the results of chest and abdomen x-ray from My Health Centre which had shown:
1- Multiple air-fluid levels in the upper to mid line abdomen, suspicious of bowel obstruction, as well bowel ileus
2- The thoracic aorta appeared to be ecstatic
At the ER- Oakville Trafalgar Memorial hospital, we listed my father’s history and complaints as follows:
• Removing left leg sarcoma at Mount Sinai hospital in April 2020,
• Losing approximately 12 Kg recently (last couple of weeks)
• Unusual short of breathing
• Sever pain in his upper right leg and abdomen side
My father was checked by Dr. Shamim Safia who insisted to dismiss him that night by saying that she believes everything is normal and my father needs pain killer only, he left even without prescribing any medicine or listening to our request as a family to do CT-scan or further investigation as recommended by x-ray doctor in My Health Centre and by X-ray department at Oakville hospital, in addition to his family doctor (Dr. Tiab) request.
Later, although she insisted to send my father to home with no treatment, on the next day Saturday January 09,2021 Dr. Safia sent her report to Dr. Tiab with the following:
1- There is mild enlargement of cardio pericardial silhouette.
2- There is ectasia of the descending thoracic aorta
3- There are 2 left lung masses (the 1st is measured 5.9×3.1cm, the 2nd is 4x3cm)
4- Smaller nodule is seen at the left lung base (CT is recommended)
5- Abdominal radiograph demonstrates air-filled loops of large and small bowel
6- There is borderline dilated loop of small bowel within left abdominal (CT is recommended)
My father returned back home and stayed in severe pain and deteriorating situation for 4 days as we trust Dr. Safia that he will be fine on pain killer.
It was long weekend, so Dr. Tiab saw the ER report on Tuesday January 12, 2020. And accordingly he urged us to call the ambulance immediately for my father as the report he received from ER- Trafalgar Memorial hospital is unaccepted and we can not leave my father with pain killer only.
My father was taken by ambulance to the ER at Milton District hospital where he was registered and stayed in the hospital for 1 week after being diagnosed by:
1- Deep vein thrombosis
2- Pulmonary artery embolism
3- Hepatic metastases and extensive left pleural based metastases
4- Pulmonary metastases
Then my father was transferred to palliative care till he passed away on February 4, 2021.
According to all above incidents, we as family request to investigate Dr. Safia’s capability as a physician in ER to save patients and cause no harm as her medical oath to any patient even if he is a dying one. Because of her refusal to do further investigation or CT-scan as recommended by her colleagues, my father went through intolerant pain physically and emotionally in his last days, in addition he was supposed to receive immediate treatment which she did not do it at all

Thank you
Vivian Sedra Mohareb