March 26, 2021 approximately 9:15 pm my father couldn’t take the bloating discomfort and mild pain because those couple of days he had trouble urinating and then that evening he couldn’t urinate, so I took him to the Brampton Civic ER (Bovaird and Bramalea Rd). After we checked in at the front, a little while later a nurse asked to see us to state our emergency. I explained that my father, 67 yrs old, has issue urinating. He was not able to pee from late afternoon to that evening (about 3pm-9pm) and that was why we came in. The nurse advised that I can’t be in the ER with my father due to Covid, patients only. I explained that my father doesn’t speak English and has early signs of dementia so I was allowed to stay and wait with him. Next, we wait to be registered. As we wait my father’s bladder continue to fill and expand, bloating and pain in his abdominal area increased, we were finally called to be registered, this was approximately two hours after being checked in by a nurse. The clerk entered ALL our information, updated our address and emergency contacts numbers etc. Now we wait again. It is about 12am my father’s bladder is at its capacity. I can see the pain in his eyes so I asked a nurse if there’s anything anyone can do to help. I fear something can go wrong in his system at any moment. Shortly after, my father was admitted, but I was denied to accompany him, again sure, I understand due to Covid, and I was told that they would have a translator for him. Again I was advised to go home or wait in my car and that I will be contact when they release him but instead, I waited patiently in the waiting area just in case. Approximately 2:30am, she seems to be the head nurse, comes out to the waiting area to do her routine patient calls, she was agitated to see that I was still in the ER and sternly asked me to leave so I went back to my car hesitantly in frustration. 3:30am my mom called me and asked where I was. I told her that I was waiting in my car at the hospital. NOW I AM ANGRY AND CONCERNED that our updated information was not updated because during registration my mobile number was to be the primary contact number. The hospital should have called my cell phone rather my home phone. So I then rushed back to the ER waiting room to find my father waiting there by himself. I had to hunt down a nurse to find out what was wrong. They said they don’t know and that we need to see a urologist. The urologist will contact us within three to five business days to set an appointment. My father has a catheter for four days now. The first two days there were small amount of blood in his urine and bit of swelling at tip of his penis. The nurse did not tell us if that’s normal or not. We later found out it’s normal from the urologist office.

Tuesday March 30th 2021, something was unsettling in my gut, after last Friday nights phone call from the hospital I thought I’d give the urology clinic a call just to confirm if they have received my father’s paper work. Thankfully I called because the clinic did receive my father’s paperwork HOWEVER, THEY DID NOT RECEIVED OUR UPDATED PERSONAL INFORMATION, NO CONTACT INFO!!! the receptionist said luckily, I called them, otherwise they would have no idea how to contact us.

I’m not sure why our personal information was not updated, maybe a glitch or human error but needs to be looked into. You are the hospital; this vital information is matter of life and death. Thankfully my father’s situation was not that extreme and hopefully won’t escalate to something worst due to our trip to your ER.

Another horrible traumatic experience we had was five years ago. My sister-in-law had her first baby there. The nurse did not stitch her up properly after giving birth. It was infected leaving her in pain for close to a month.

I heard many terrible horrible incidents at Brampton Civic hospital. Here are two more for your list. I hope there will be improvements.

Looking for improvements.