Had go to emergency for blood transfusion . They repeated test and asked to wait there were only 5 people before me .nurse Marie called and asked to wait . I have been waiting for 7 hrs until I felt dizzy and asked when is my turn .Nurse Kerry Ann Dugan checked and apologized for delay . To my surprise other patients who came after me were checked except me . Nurse Kerry Ann checked and ran around and found out that my chart was missing and it was discharged . So Nurse Marie who called me totally forgot about me and left . Marie did not call or checked in inside waiting room. Very unprofessional .I have been waiting from 12.30 pm to 10 pm with no clue . So they lost my chart and my Family doctors requisition . Nurse Kerry searched and prepared new sheet and handed it over to Doctor so he checks me . It’s been almost 12 hrs in the hospital and at 12 am they did infusion. Kerry and Perry did the infusion as requested by doctor . Along with me they lost 3 other patients blood reports , ecg report and chart. All patients were in limbo waiting for hours . My question is why are the reports missing . Are they mishandling reports for any scam .