Yesterday early morning my partner was admitted to Toronto Western emergency by ambulance after he mistakenly took a double dose of his Gabapentin, which he takes for his rheumatoid arthritis. I had called the ambulance because he was acting very out of his head, taking strangely, unable to have much of a normal conversation, unable to sleep, flailing around and sweating profusely. I wasn’t allowed to go with him because of Covid rules, so I waited at home for him or someone at the hospital to call with an update.

He was examined and then discharged shortly after, even though he was still very much out of his head, so much so that he didn’t call me. He was left to find his way home, consequently losing his car and apartment keys and fob, his sweatshirt and his hat somewhere along the way. He came home about 4 hours after he left, acting worse than when he went in the ambulance!

He barely remembers anything about the experience because of how over medicated he was, and is not aware of how he lost his belongings. He could have been injured, or worse out there! Thankfully it was a mild weather day, because he didn’t have a jacket and he doesn’t even know if he was wearing his hoodie when he left.

I’m very upset with the hospital for not keeping him there until he was feeling more normal and if that wasn’t possible then they could have made sure I was called to pick him up, and ensure he was safe in my care. Instead, they allowed him in his erratic state out their doors.

I have kept his name out of this account to protect his privacy. All info will be provided if I am contacted.