If you have time read this I filed a online complaint

My mother was admitted in this hospital in December 2018. Doctor Singh performed a surgery for her liver varices on December 7th 2018. After the surgery she stayed in hospital until January 14th 2019. Our experIence during her stay was horrible. Her bed was placed beside a lady who had half her bottom body imputed due to diabetic. That patient screamed all night in pain. My mother requested us to ask for moving her bed away from noise since she cannot sleep all night. Me and my sister were visiting everyday and we noticed my mother wasn’t changed and had rashes she started to bleed from her rashes. I started to change her frequently and nurses told me I can cause fracture in the body one day my sister told them to change her she went after 8 hours and she still wasn’t changed. Staying in bed for more than a month my mother started to get weak we requested physiotherapy they refused. She lost 20 KG by December 25th. We were told her results are getting better soon she could go home. Nurses would take blood from her in bigger amounts then forget to send for testing on purpose then come back and take more blood in one day approximately three to four times daily. Her diet was poor at the hospital just water broth and steam vegetables we started to take our own home made healthy soups for her. Her blood sugar levels were at 26 or 27 but nurses won’t care and won’t do anything to reduce the blood sugar and that’s where my mother started to be in confused state. She was begging us to take her home no one would clean her or give her bath. I took time off work and started spending 8 to 9 hours with her there’s no sofa or beds just one chair which was beside her bed. On January 7th my mother asked that she wants to go home she was speaking and seemed better. She was unhappy with that environment and was complaining about rashes bleeding no proper care and noisy lady who screamed with pain around her and not getting sleep. We requested and finally were told we can take her home on January 11th. Morning of January 10th my sister received a call from hospital that they found my mother on the floor. We rushed to the hospital and my mother stopped talking was in a shock. They ignored her and she fell on the floor
We asked doctors nurses to check her and they refused. January 9th they cancelled her going home on the 11th with no real excuse. January 14th we brought her home her own liver doctor refused to care for her. Medicines for diabetes and liver were all switched and doses were mixed up by hospital doctors.
Morning of January 20th she wasn’t able to breathe properly. We called ambulance as per home care advise. It was minus 40 and they took her outside without any socks blankets and ambulances door was stuck for 10 minutes. Her breathing became worse. When we got to the hospital students started to treat her two student gave her 6 litres of iv fluid within 48 hours without realizing she has fluid retention bcz of liver. Then water went into her lungs on January 22nd she started to move her arms and her mouth was opened trying to breathe. Students experimented again by giving her Haldol. These are new people attending to her without knowing her history. We were told her liver is fine we requested on January 23rd to please give her oxygen they refused since they admitted lack of oxygen or no availability. Now she was placed on asthma inhalers trying to breathe and getting haldol as treatment.
Doctor Badesha told me and my sister to take her back home since were demanding a lot. If you’re not satisfied take her back home. Then he said why do you bring her to hospital this should not be happening she is not even ready to die she isn’t ready for palliative care yet, you’re wasting our time. We begged him to please make her breathing easy her mouth is opened trying to breathe or give her morphine but no help. Instead he said “my 10 years old daughter will be terrified to see your mother like this and she shouldn’t be in the hospital” my sister started to cry asking what should we do. I became upset and talked complained to head nurse Tanya Henderson about his racist comments. She said I could write to other hospital officials. January 25th they gave her Haldol again still no oxygen and as per dr Badesha ordered on Jan 23rd no food no water for her removed her fluid iv since they overdosed that as well. I talked to students and three of them said unfortunately we made many mistakes with her all of them are irreversible. We cannot take fluids out we cannot do anything for her breathing. One of our relative in uk who is respiratory surgeon looked at her condition on face time and said “ she should have oxygen right away and morphine” that was January 25th. On the night of January 25th they gave her low amount of oxygen and once morphine. Staff admitted there is not much oxygen we need to use less. No food no water no oxygen no morphine and overdosages of water pills liquid and 6 litres of water and Haldol was injected in her system they were still taking blood from her in large amounts while there wasn’t much left. Doctors refused for blood transfusion since it cost money as well. It was only once in December she received blood and felt better. January 26th we were kept asking for food tube and we were told her liver doctor refused we are arranging someone else tomorrow . On January 24th Two liver doctors showed up said it’s not her liver causing breathing problems. Blood test shows liver tests are better but my mother started to have rashes on the stomach. They gave her empty stomach different antibiotics now. We asked for food tube, morphine, Oxygen but nurses would say doctors badesha is saying no. Night of 26th one male nurse told us not to go home and anything can happen tonight. He also said I’m giving you hint do not leave your mother alone. They don’t want her to have food tube or water and tomorrow is 5th day. Her oxygen was at 2 level I asked the nurse to increase to 3 she said no we cannot. Two students and a doctor pressurized us to go home that night and said she is going to better tomorrow. We will call you if we need you but tomorrow we will give her food tube. January 27th around 4:15 am we went to hospital they called and said our good byes to our mother. She didn’t want us to leave her alone that night. She was moving her eyes saying don’t go. We checked the oxygen monitor oxygen was removed at 12:50 am and her breathing was slowing down since 1:00 am. We left at 12:15 am They assured us we will be watching. No one was near her until they called us around 4:00 am. Me my sister my brother in law we know she wasn’t ready for this it was planned. Dr Badesha clearly stopped IV fluids and no food no water for 5 days then telling us to take her back home. Don’t bring her here. She passed away on January 27th 2019. I’m still traumatized by the whole experience and May her souls Rest In Peace. Later we found out her rashes could have been shingles. misdiagnosed mistreated and delayed treatment caused her death. Racism is another factor, being elderly being brown and not speaking English fluently but this is not a human life fault. Which was taken by these students and doctors. May this never happens to other elderly parents.