Hello there,
On Wednesday Jan 20,2021 I took my son to the credit valley emergency department with burns on his face and chest also with a puncture between his toes (very deep cut ) he was seen by Manjot Samagh, MD the doctor said that he needs stitches and his face was okay.
The doctor didn’t properly look into my sons burns and also didn’t stitch his cut, instead she put glue and wrapped it up and didn’t also check his face properly for the burn
My son face is burned and eyes are RED.
We waited 4 hours till the doctor came

We were told that they will make an appointment for him within 48 hours for check up and they will call us to let us know the appointment time and day but didn’t get any call
I called them and they said I had an appointment today at 9am when no one informed me

We woke up this morning and check on my son we found that the sock and the wrap around his toes and glue came off and the puncture is wide open and he is in a lot of pain because of it

I called the emergency department today to seek help for my son and make us an appointment to come in without waiting because it could get infected but I was greeted with a rude nurse or receptionist named Simi who shut the phone on my face
I spoke to a different staff member before simi and she was helping me but after 10 minutes of waiting I was transferred again to the emergency department and had to explain to simi my situation and she didn’t care and was very rude and unprofessional and hung up the phone on my face
In this time of year people are in a lot of stress because of COVID and scared to take there kids to the hospital because cases are rising so I think the nurses and all stuff should be humble and more caring for people

I would love for someone from the complain department at the credit valley hospital to call me and talk about this situation

Also I will never take any of my family members to credit valley hospital again

I will be following up on the situation and make sure that this situation never happens again to me or to any other person that come to the emergency

Best regards