I was told by two of the doctors at the above hospital in March of this year that I did have the covid 19 virus and to stay isolated for two weeks in my apartment and you sent something to my family doctor saying I had the covid 19 virus and there was lung damage and inflammation from the virus detected on the cat scan and I went back because I was told to come back if I got worse and a Dr. Foote in the emergency said I did not have the virus and I did and kicked me out of emergency after only one minute and the complaints department simply ignored my complaint and I even have heart trouble now because of the lung damage from the covid 19 virus and then yesterday I went to the hospital and asked for a glass of water for hours for my epileptic pill and seroquel and was ignored and had to resort to saying I was going home while hooked up to heart monitors and tubes and finally they relented and gave me the water and I had to do the same thing to get a sandwich as my blood sugar was only 1.0 when I got home as I am diabetic. Your hospital for the mostpart is the best in the country but I have had unusual and cruel abuse from all sorts of medical people and hospitals not your hospital but I am now crying all the time over the abuse and cannot stop. Your hospital is usually good and the best hospital there is but it was the last straw. I have bi polar disorder but am highly educated and smart and it hurts to be treated like this at age 70. The abuse from other sources started at age 20 and now is still ongoing. I was told by a major distress centre this morning that our health care system is not all that good.