My daughter was in Zone F and I was with her. She was drugged heavily and not waking up. I was concerned and was asking about why she hadnt woken up. Nurse Dianne was cold and dismissive from the start. When I enquired she said she was medicated due to her behaviour. I said what behaviour? She said she couldnt tell me as my daughter is an adult. I was upset and said my daughter has had her cousin murdered last week to spark a small twinge of compassion. She said nothing. I said I think you have been in the job too long. She came at me quite aggressively and said how dare I insult her as if her behaviour was beyond criticism. She than spent about 20-25 minutes finding a way to have me removed from my daughters room. What is wrong with this nurse. I did nothing but respond to her behaviour which was cold and horrible. I was quietly sitting in that room waiting for my daughter to wake from 9:30 – 3;00 and was concerned. the nurse put her ego above the needs of her patient. She didn’t care that my daughter had woken up and I could comfort her. She just used the little power she had to remove me.