I limped into the hospital in April 2020 barely able to move because of sudden lower back pain, not once was I offered any form of mobile assistance.
The doctor called me “brave to be here” but the tone was basically her calling me stupid for being at a hospital while COVID-19 is rampant.
She then yanked my leg up, while I yelled in pain, twice.
She got mad at me when she was poking my back/stomach and I tried to move her hands away because it was unbearably painful.
I was sent home with low-level antibiotics for a kidney infection.
I asked for my bloodwork to be sent to me (Miss. Fowler from Health Records was a delight to interact with) and discovered that bloodwork from November showed signs of a bladder infection, but I was never called. Because it was left untreated it developed into a kidney infection which was incredibly painful.
The pain is back and it’s only been two weeks.

I’m afraid to go back because when I go, I always feel dismissed and belittled.