I visited this hospital three times due to bleeding and cramps. I started on December 23rd. The doctor requested an ultra sound on Dec 24th. The ultra sound technician sent me back to emergency stating your bleeding is too much. The emergency doctor refused to provide proper treatment stated go back to your own family doctor. We cannot treat you here for this condition. I went to see my gynaecologist and he stated st B hospital can arrange an urgent D&C if they wanted to bcz your bleeding is too much. You needed urgent care. He set up a date with another doctor on Feb 27th to perform the D&C In the mean time I wasn’t able to go back to work for a month now.
Friday Jan 31 my doctor told me you’re iron is very low and you need to go to hospital. His receptionist said the doctor will not perform a procedure if your hemoglobin is low. I went to hospital again and after waiting 7 hours from 9 pm until 4 am a medical student Jordan Thisdelle saw me she was kept calling me old and how when we get old we mix up different medical conditions into different ones. She was insisting it was my Colin I said no my gynaecologist knows and I have been here for this issue before. She said we won’t D&C for you to stop bleeding. Your hemoglobin is 95 but seen ppl functioning with 30. She asked questions and repeatedly said what brought you here today. I made it clear I am bleeding since Dec2nd.
She went and grabbed a doctor Georgia Cheppell who said “we do D&C here” depends how much bleeding you have. I told her I’m going down with iron levels I’m in pain I cannot fiction. She said we will give you iron liquid and I’ll ask Dr MJ Seager if he can let us have a plan for you. I told this doctor that I’m in pain and my hemoglobin was 118 few weeks ago. She said we still do urgent surgeries for those who are almost in life death situation. I said to her I’m told there won’t be any surgery bcz I have low iron levels. In the mean time nurse cane up to me and said they won’t ER but I won’t give you anything to feed. What of they’ll decide to do a surgery, the nurse also made comment as you get old our parts fall apart and we are like cars. This was the second time I was age discriminated. Finally the doctor examined my bleeding and refused to treat me. By saying it’s not as bad. We gave you the iron and we will give you progesterone shot you’ll gain weight but choose what you like. Bring in pain or gaining weight. This was a horrible experience all of the professionals male were laughing outside one of them walked in front of the door and stated yeah you dirty. The female examined me and no male doctor entered the room. They were kept going to Dr. mJ Seager who sent a message “it’s not gonna happen” we won’t perform ER d & c on you.
All of them were rude immature in professional when I asked for doctor’s and immature students name “ the person who handed me the information stated in a threatening tone “you’re making things worst for your self”
Thank you fir excellent health system in Winnipeg MB. For this we pay higher taxes. My health is not free I pay taxes for it and I made feel like I was begging for free medical care. I was sent home by saying unless you’re dying they won’t treat your condition