Dr el sugy was the doctor who delivered our baby at brampton civic. It was a horrible experience with this doctor and the nurse natalia. The doctor is very poor in decision making and makes the things critical. The baby was in distress many times but they kept on changing my wife’s position and even during pushing process of d baby kept on waiting even when the monitors were detecting severe decrease in baby’s s heart rate. Then doctor started using vaccum to get the baby out and even after two failures with the vaccum decided to use the vaccum for the third time which resulted in hemorrhage under tha skin of baby’s s head and baby had to stay in NICU for 1 week. He even tried using forceps without any concent from us and nurse brought the wrong forceps twice and they were looking at each other faces blaming each other for that. The stitching was so poor that stitches came out on the second day and there was infection too. After the delivery nurse NATHALIA told my wife that doctor was very angry at her and she was bad and doctor was feeling like throwing her out. What a shame on the part of nurse and the doctor. It’s a very sincere advice dnt get ur delivery done by him and delay it if possible….