I went to Deep River Hospital Tuesday March 5, 2019 at 1:57pm. I saw Residency Dr. Kipp at about 2:38pm, she examed me alone and I found it very unprofessional. I’m 37 weeks, I went there to find a a way to get a GYN/OB as well as to register to give labour there. I was informed that they don’t have the equipment and knowledge for labour and delivery. When I heard that, I should discharged and left but I already to have a referral. She used a small sonographying machine on my belly and heart Doppler—which I don’t think was very updated/advance. She told me a few times she couldn’t find the baby on the screen as well as the heart beat on the Doppler. She had no knowledge/information of the supply in the room. I, by no means want the Resident to get in trouble with that experience I’ve had, but no pregnant woman should feel atmosphere. I feel my baby everyday, every hour. The fact that she couldn’t find my “uterus” aka a big black speck! Really upset me; I thought the baby wasn’t there at all. I would like to someone trained higher to follow up on this concern or for her to do more training with another professional. Pregnant woman are very sensitive and I’m doing this for the other pregnant woman that would be devastated with her work ethics.
I have another child and experience all that pregnancy doctors, blood, sonography, etc appointments, to know that not seeing my uterus should have been a red flag. Deep River Nurses in emerge didn’t seem to mind her being so unware or unprofessionism. I hope good things come from this not bad, and something positive is done to help Dr.Kipp preform better and pregnant woman never have to experience that. I wish they have sent me away, so I could go Pembroke that was more advanced.
Thank you!