I took my mother by ambulance on Jan 13 2019 she has been adimitted but unfortunatly is unable to still have a room asigned to her yet this is not my complaint, the complaint is how unethical and unprofessional “some “of these nurses are. Ive heard the way they have talked to my mother and the way that they have spoken to some of the other patients its discusting and just rude. Not to mention how filthy the emergency rooms are, the garbages were so full that we had to complain to have them emptied my mother is in briefs and has had a bad case of diarehhea they removed her brief and left it on a chair. Blood viles are always on the floor around my moms bed. From what ive been told there is an outbreak of influenza and noone seems to be going around wiping things down I totally understand as to why there is one. Speaking for probably the majority of the community I understand there are cut backs which leaves you short staffed but I beleive that there is no excuse for things to be left unsanitary especially when there is an outbreak like this one,its very concerning to me that this outbreak is not a concern to any of the staff and how this is being miss managed.