I was asked to go for a CT scan which i did but never received a call back to schedule an appointment to discuss the results. In usual circumstances one would think there is nothing to be discussed but in my case i was anxious due to severe sinus issues. I called the clinic after waiting for 2 months only to be told that it was up to me to call and book a follow up appointment and i shouldn’t have waited so long. I booked the appointment ( had to take a day off work, to schedule time during doctor’s availability) but didn’t receive any follow up call to confirm the appointment. I tried calling the clinic the day of the appointment but no answer. I finally get there only to be told that they have not received my report and i might want to reschedule the appointment. The lady at the reception was covering for the actual receptionist and completely refused to help. I told her to get the copt of the report from the hospital but after almost waiting for an hour the response i received was that she hadn’t had a chance to call. I managed to see the doctor but the experience was awful. It goes to show how little the staff was concerned about the patients time and condition. It was not only rude but extremely unprofessional.