I recently had a surgery for a deviated septum and was upset by the post-operative nurse treatment I received. When I came to, I noticed I was spitting blood and asked for a bowl. I was given a kleenex and was told by the nurse “that’s disgusting”. Also, I was freezing from the surgery. I recall asking for several things, a blanket, some meds and some water. I don’t think that is asking for much. She then said I need to do my paperwork now. Lastly, once I was out of recovery I asked to see my mother. This way I knew she could help me speak, get comfortable, etc. I asked the nurse 3x’s. I then heard the nurse on the phone telling my mother that I was asleep. That was a complete lie. I couldn’t sleep, b/c I was freezing cold and needed some blankets. I was so upset by this mistreatment. I had a feeling that having a surgery so late in the day could pose problems. I knew the nurse would be exhausted from the day and very short with the patients.