Good morning,
I am on full disability and saved up for a private room for my colon resection at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. The infection control was non-existant. I shared an adjoining bathroom that had feces on the side of the toilet from the gentleman in the adjoining room that remained there for three days, despite asking housekeeping to clean the washroom 3times. The commode chair was neither wiped with Caviwipes nor changed for myself after use. I was on Naltrxone and it was not discontinued so I had no pain relief. This was missed by my physician, the hospital pharmacist, the hospitalist they sent in when I was unable to get pain relief and the nurses dispensing. I asked to have my bill cancelled, or only pay the difference between ward and private and was told i was able to make payment arrangements.
I wouldn’t pay any business for the care, treatment, medication errors or accommodation nor will i be paying this one. My main concern is lack of infection control, no follow up to complaints while in hospital, and medication error that was missed by multiple staff members that should have been caught-especially by the pharmacist dispensing.
I look forward to your response.