Dr. Nguyen is a poor representation of the word doctor, let alone an orthopedic surgeon I would trust myself or my family with. I’m so surprised that he is practicing at a wonderful hospital such as credit valley, where we have had nothing but good experiences and unfortunately this was not a good experience.
We waited over two hours for this so-called doctor, for him to make his 2-minute celebrity appearance and then vanish. Dr. Nguyen, I am so sorry to have let my mother get a consult with you, and we certainly let our family doctor know about the experience that we had.
This person lacks compassion and patience, especially for senior patients that go to him for consults and advice. He is condescending in his approach and uses derogatory words to talk to his patients. My mother (a senior) went in for a knee consultation and right from the start, he made it seemed that he did not understand her English and her English is excellent.
He forced his opinions without fully listening to my mother’s situation with her knee or doing his diligence of asking what kind of medication she is taking, previous treatments, etc. Additionally, he told us “You Must be Deaf” because we could not hear my mother’s knee crackling when he was bending it. Generally knee crackling noise is evident, perhaps his ears were buzzing; as we did not hear anything. Is this how you speak to patients, is this the acceptable norm?
On top of it, my mother asked a question about usage of walking sticks and he said “use your common sense”. I hope you are treated the way you treat others. You are not God’s gift to patients, you should feel lucky you have this job and have the opportunity to help people and better their lives. Show some compassion and gratitude. I would never recommend this “doctor” to anyone, he is a disgrace to doctors who represent hope and truly care for their patients with utmost sincerity.