It is Friday at 11:30 am
But I am in this hospital today
I did a surgery Ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy and was dismissed with mild pain
I wake up with severe kidney pain that doesn’t want to go with any strong pain medication
Drove to the emergency room
The Nurse put me to RAz I was screaming and crying from pain
When I entered the RAZ on the wheel chair
I was greet by a nurse who doesn’t know how to deal with patients in pain

She said to me and my husband no wheelchair is allowed
I told her I cannot walk she said then go back to the waiting area
I told her ok help me To go to chair

She said no your husband help you
My husband start to get upset on her she get the security for us
And the security actually should be a nurse she know how to be kind
She helped me to go inside and brought me a warm blanket
Guess what 5 minute later another patient comes on a wheelchair and she allowed her to go inside with the wheelchair and stayed there without any word from nurse
I took a picture for that patient sitting on the wheel chair without any issue
I will get you the nurse name to teach her how to deal with a patient in pain

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