Today I visited Deep River Hospital to get a birth control prescription from a doctor as I do not have a family doctor and have been on a list for a long period of time. I met with Dr Kukovica who refused to prescribe me birth control because she does not believe in prescribing it. I am a 23 year old married female with a recent pap test that has no reason or concern to not prescribe to me as a patient. The Doctor was extremely rude and unprofessional in how she expressed her opinion to me and is making decisions on prescribing based on her own personal opinion and not based on any religious values from what she expressed in her statements. She related taking birth control to smoking cigarettes and when I expressed to her I was unable to go somewhere else to get birth control she told me to drive an 1 hour away because she’s not prescribing it for me. Or to come back later at night when another doctor is there. She was very uncaring and abrasive when speaking to me as a patient and unprofessional. While being on the list for a long period of time awaiting a family doctor next time I will have to call ahead to make sure this doctor is not working when I go.