I a filing a complaint against one of your Doctor’s @ CCH, Dr. Jean Emmanuel Augustin, Psychiatrist.  While he may have a degree as a Doctor, he may be SCIENCE/Psychology smart, but he his not HUMAN smart. He is not capable of applying his knowledge in psychiatry.  In my humble opinion he should not be any where near, or dealing with patients who are mentally unstable.  He is NOT a warm, kind, compassionate or empathetic human being.  Qualities I believe are essential when dealing with patients that are suffering mental issues.  I feel he does not possess the skills to deal with mentally fragile human beings, nor does he have the capacity or willingness to listen to the patients parents.  His entire approach was 100% cynical and 100% clinical.  He did/does not have the capacity to truly LISTEN, either to the patient or the very concerned parents.  On Monday July 10th our daughter tried to commit suicide.  While living @ her Father’s house in Chesterville, she was rushed to the Winchester Hospital.  On Tuesday July 11/17, she was taken from the WCH to the CCH & admitted to the psychiatric 4th floor.  To say Sarah’s psychiatric care on the the 4th floor has been exemplary is a total fallacy.  Tuesday July 11th when I went to CCH to see Sarah, she kept saying, “Mom, Mom, over and over again, how she did not like Dr. Augustin, or would she EVER EVER TALK TO HIM!!  She kept saying he was a mean man, and she was scared of him.How pray tale, if one has mental issues, just tried to commit suicide, can they OPEN UP to a Psychiatric Doctor that has as much kindness and TRUE CONCERN as a ROCK?  When Sarah told me all this Tuesday morning, I just thought she was being her usual, over dramatic self, looking for sympathy from her Mom.  About 2 hour later, while her Father and I were escorted to a room for a talk, as we passed through the nurses station, Sarah’s Father and I did see a Doctor there.  In my own mind, I thought, “If this is the Doctor Sarah is talking about, then…….I totally get it.  I totally understood Sarah’s misgivings about opening up to a Doctor, that is sooooo unapproachable.  I saw it with a glance.  Call me ridiculous/strange, etc. does not matter.  There is a thing called GUT instinct!!!!!  My gut is usually 99% correct.  A human being that is suffering from extreme mental issues needs to be able to RELATE to a professional, that……..actually cares, and……..actually shows love, compassion and empathy.  If someone has just tried to kill themselves, do you really think a Doctor with the compassion of a STONE, is the right one for a patient to deal with??  We had a meeting with Dr. Augustin on Friday July 14th, we also had another one today July 25th, and………I still do not trust the man, nor do I believe, he is capable of being a good Psychiatrist.  Today at our meeting it was brought up (fact) that Sarah’s Father and wife have been doing their UTMOST to get Sarah into the ROH. Last week while her Father and I were in her room, her Father asked that she sign a form, that could greatly expedite her transfer to the ROH.  Sarah refused.  Before today’s meeting, Sarah told her Father and I today, that Dr. Augustin said it was blackmail!!!!!  Really?????  Today when Sarah’s Father, myself, Sarah, Dr. Augustin and the Social Worker where in the conference room I said to him,” I don’t think what you said to Sarah was appropriate. Her Father, I and her Step Mother only want to get her help.  For you to say it is blackmail is not professional, and as a psychiatrist, you should not being saying that to a patient.”  Dr. Augustin then said, “Then file a complaint.” So…..I am!!!  He has been NO NO NO HELP to Sarah, soooooo it falls unto her parents.  What the wise Doctor has never seemed to GRASP!!!! it that we as her parents who have been dealing with her mental health issues for 11 years now!! We have done all that we can, but we both know that we are not capable of helping our child anymore.  We are looking for DOCTOR’S and truly concerned health professionals that will get our daughter out of the darkness and into the light.  While Dr. Augustin looked down his nose at us today when both of us said for the SECOND TIME, that……..we just can’t take her back to live with us, I would think if he was a TRUE DOCTOR, he would understand how much we have gone through, and……..we do LOVE OUR DAUGHTER, but we are just not equipped to deal with her mental health issues.  So sad, too bad, that Dr. Augustin, as a Doctor, takes our daughter’s life and care so flippantly!!!