i sat in the emergency room for 10 hours with my mom on friday june 31 , as she was experiencing very severe shaking and disorientating stability in her body , she was rushed to the General in an ambulance only to wait there in that same state for 10 hours , all  the while the nurse at reception was telling her that she was next to be seen , time and time again she waited while hearing the same story , We are waiting for a bed the nurse added , in a way that made us feel like we were a bother to her . I guess i don’t understand why if the problem is that there are not enough beds available why the patients can’t be seen in the waiting room by a doctor ?We ended up leaving the hospital after ten hours of painful waiting and many lies told , the final straw was when we were told for sure that we were next , only to watch another patient called in again before us , with only a minor injury . I can’t believe the poor and unprofessional behavior of the workers at the Hamilton General Hospital, my mom is 73 years of age and a lovely woman , i can’t remember when she was ever so disrespected by another human being straight  to her face ….this  is disgusting to have to go through all this in our great country of Canada