Yesterday afternoon I was brought to the hospital by ambulance for an eye injury. My health card was with the paramedics and they handed it off to hospital staff when I arrived. Once I was home later that evening I realized that it had not been returned to me and called the hospital to inquire, and they said it couldn’t be found. My husband went there last night to ask the nurses and search more but there was no luck. This morning I returned again, and when I asked the emergency staff about it being lost, a staff member responded that “it’s valuable and someone took advantage of it” upon learning that it was a red and white health card, leaving me no choice but to believe that it was stolen by hospital staff. This is incredibly unprofessional, unethical, and a great inconvenience for me now having a barrier in recieving the medical care I need for this emergency. Today’s comments from the emergency staff suggest that this is not an unusual occurrence, which is deeply troubling. I will not be returning to this hospital for medical care.