Concerning my daughter inlaw AND grand-daughter Robyn McClean and Mya Phillips.  I am the custodian for my grand-daughter whom was apprehended Dec 14, 2016.  Postpartum dept Paula (don’t have a last name) told me what the conditions were, along with the social worker from the CAS Danielle.  My complaint is one of the conditions was Robyn was to have a mental assessment done by Dr. Bami.  I have a 6 month agreement with the CAS and within 2 weeks, Mya will be 6 months old AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!  Numerous phone calls have been made to find out when she can be seen by Dr Bambi, only to be told another patient requires his expertise more than her.   Also Dr. Garay sent in a referral and STILL NOTHING!!!!  It is imperative that these conditions are met for Robyn to have her daughter returned to her care.  I can NOT take on another grand-daughter, I am 63 years old and I really feel you are setting Robyn up to fail!!!  Not only is this imperative, her mental health is at stake should she lose a child to foster care.  If there is any compassion in your hearts, Can you please check into this matter as it is also tearing me apart,