Wife went in for pneumonia, was diagnosed and told she will have a prescription for antibiotics and a pain killer she can rotate with Tylenol every 3 hours , doc never wrote the pain killers down . Now she is in agonizing pain can’t sleep or eat to take the antibiotics ! Called back 6 or 7 times to be hung up on and treated like absolute garbage ! It’s disgusting how they treat people and offer no help unless you are there in person , even offered to come back for another 5! HOUR wait but nope basically called my wife a drug addict . Now I fully understand that there are probably cases like this all the time with some people as desperation sets in but my wife is a successful 27 year old school teacher who has never done a drug in her life I’m appauled by the service of these people and you should be ashamed of them all ! I have names of doctors and nurses if interested in a follow up , I’m sure that won’t happen because you probably put on a good show at work to but deep down you don’t give a shit . ¬†They need to rethink there career if that’s how they ASSUME all people are . Have a wonderful day .

Jason McConnell