My husband and I arrived at Cheo May 13, 2017  around 12:30 pm with our 14 month old daughter. When we were asked to come to registration the two nurses, one on the computer writing down what the other nurse was checking on our daughter. I have to say this was the WORSE experience I have had with the nurses. I was actually shocked by their attitude towards us. I was extremely worried about my daughter she had just had a seizure a few hours before arriving there, she had started a rash all over her body. We know now it was due to the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. They were not empathic at all and when I asked questions I was brushed off with attitude. As a worried mother I feel like they should’ve been WAY more supportive and the should have show a little more concern and compassion. I don’t expect them to cry for me or to console me but I don’t expect to have people to be rude and short when i’m in the hospital seeking help. I never got their name because I was so upset and I knew if I spoke any longer to them I probably would’ve gotten more angry with them. I think the staff needs a little reminder on how to treats parents who come in with sick children. I work with the public everyday and I would never have acted the way they did. If I did I would probably get complains about it as well. It’s just not right. If they aren’t happy in that job then maybe they should look for something else. If they are having a bad day, well I’m sorry but don’t take it out on the people coming in looking for help. I will make sure my complaint is heard EVERYWHERE. I do expect someone to be in contact with me about my situation. my telephone number is 613-323-5872.