Tonight my friend Matthew is in serious need of medical attention with severe heart pains that have been coming on every five minutes. We went to this emergency because we have no mode of transportation to anywhere else. The triage nurse did not believe this emergency situation and the wait we were told to wait 6 hours minimum.  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY THAT CANNOT WAIT 6 HOURS!!!!! THIS IS CANADA WHAT ARE WE PAYING TAXES FOR?????? If there are not enough doctors to handle patients with serious life-threatening emergencies such as extreme heart pains then more doctors need to be hired. Period. I am LIVID with the service of this hospital. We cannot afford to call 911. We do not have enough money for food as university students let alone the ambulance bill. I am sick to my stomach with anger at the absolute awful (and lack of) treatment. I have been here before with a migraine and was made to wait through the pain for more than 3 hours with no medicine for the extreme pain. When the pain finally subsided and I was seen, the doctor on duty told me “Oh, you do not look like you have a migraine, there is nothing I can do for you”. That is OBVIOUSLY because I was continuously moved down the line of patient priority until I was the last to be seen by the doctor for the entire night. At the very bottom of the list to be treated when all I needed was something to stop the pain. This cruel treatment was purposeful and unjustified. This is unacceptable.

Matthew’s father has a very serious heart condition, yet as Matthew was writhing in pain in the waiting room, this was not taken into account and nothing was being done. We currently do not know what to do because we have no other options other than to wait out the pain at home and hope he is not having a heart attack or dealing with a fatal heart condition. I am writing this message because Matthew is in too much pain. This is exam season at UWO and there is absolutely no time to wait 6 hours or come at a different time. The treatment from this hospital is non-existant and more doctors are NEEDED to be hired. All I can say is that if Matthew’s condition proves to be worse because of the lack of treatment or belief in the emergency, there will be legal consequences.