My one-year old was brought to the hospital at noon by paramedics. He pushe back ha high chair and opened the back of his head. I arrive after he was brought emerge. My mother was in the ambulance with him. I went to the nurse that checked him first and was greeted with immediate attitude that started with “as I already explained to the person who was here….”. Yes, but I am his mother. I asked her if there is concern for bleeding or cracking of the skull. She replied with “how would I know? I don’t have x-ray vision.” ┬áTo that I replied, neither do I, should we run some tests? She said no and asked me to go wait in the unit he was sent to. There we say with 15 other peiople in “minor injuries” and waited. All were adults who sat and waited. None of them were complaining of pain or showing signs of distress. My one year old was bleeding with an open head and screaming at the top of his lungs. We asked if we could get some space. Another claimed that everyone would like more space and if she took care of us everyone would complain. I find it doubtful because everyone looked at his open head in shock. They kept asking us if he will be ok. My husband arrived and he asked her the same question. She responded with “I already told you there is a line”. He said that this is a baby and a little different. She claimed my baby is no different than all the adults waiting. My husband disagreed. So she felt he was invading her personal space and called 6 security officers. He talked to them rationally and we explained calmly. Security understood and gave us a room immediately. It took them 3 more hours once admitted to do the job. I must say it was the worst car ever. It was the worst treatment ever. We as worried parents felt we could not approach the staff and they all seem distress by people simply approaching them. I am not sure what they expect, it’s emerge. Shut this place down already.