Hi, I purchased a weekly parking pass (Feb 21-27,2017) from Alberta Health Service at Foothill Hospital parking office in the basement of Women’s Health Centre. A parking office attendant who sold me the pass told me that I could park any of the indoor or outdoor parking lots.

On Feb 23, I was very surprised when I received a parking ticket from U of Calgary so I brought it to the same parking service attendant. Then she told me that I could park in any lot except for the one I parked in. She also told me that I should appeal this parking ticket.

I don’t understand why the parking office attendant didn’t have the proper parking information to provide me. If I would have known this particular parking lot is belong to U of Calgary, I wouldn’t have parked in that lot. There is no sign or notice that can be identified easily the difference between the Foothill Hospital parking lots and the only one U of Calgary parking lot in the Foothill Hospital.

It is really not fair as I already paid the weekly parking pass of $40 and now I also have to pay a ticket of $60. I hope someone would help me to resolve this issue!

Thank you for your attention