Extreamly disapointed in this hospital over the past 2 years. Im not sure what has changed, but the quality of care has significantly decreased! After being told by not one not two but 3 people not to go to this hospital due to poor communication,lack of doctors and ridiculous lack for quality checking all is well. I still went with faith that my 19 month old daughter would get the care she needed.


After being there since 1300 we waited until almost 1800 to finally see the doctor for a diagnosis. He indicated they would start fluids and a cathider to check and assure my daughter did not have a urinary tract infection. We sat there for 2 n half hours to only be told….”oh we accidently discharged her and can no longer find the chart!!!! My daughter is 19months and had already been here all day and has had enough! Mind you, the nurses who were just on coming we re kind and appologetic…that is not the conccern. How do u discharge a toddler and let us sit there for 2 n a half hours when she is dehydrated and supposed to be on fluids!!!!! Im extreamly frustrated with this hospital and the lack of organization! Lack of doctors and disgusting waiting room that had dirt and vomit in the corner of the wall and vomit on the chairs that patients are supposed to sit on. (Recliner chairs had vomit by the hinges near the arm and leg rests) absolutly disgusted latley with this hospital and seriously questioning the health care there.


Hopfully someone actually cares and follows up with conern and tries to get this hospital back on track.