I am 20 years old and happen to suffer from chronic daily migraines.

Now unfortunately with my migraines, preventatives don’t usually work. But strong anti inflammatories with a narcotic do. So I’ve gone to KGH on numerous occasions and they get very snippy with me and make me wait forever, than give me tordole. Which of course does nothing without the other component.

So they tell me to go home every time and “sleep it off.”

Last night I actually went for a different reason. Severe cramps and abdominal pain, I was crying in pain. I thought I probably had a bladder infection but everything came back fine, then the resident doc comes in all cocky and says “Mehh it’s just menstraul cramps.”

Of course he was a man. And I find and many other women find that people at KGH are not only sexist against women but ageist. They don’t take our pain seriously.

They simply don’t care.

And tells me he’ll give me four regular stength Tylenol and a couple Advil.

I inform him I take Tylenol 3 and prescription stength ibprophene so there’s NO WAY that would help me.

Of course he brushes me off and essentially tells me to get lost. He did say however he would order tests, so he made me wait in agony for another hour, to get the stupid appointment.. By this time my migraine has increased, my cramps have worsened, I’m still crying ECT ECT.

Than he comes back… And low and behold he decides an appointment would be a waste of time, even though I probably have cysts and andrometriosis. It runs in my family which would explain the severe pain.

Not once have I been treated with respect by KGH personal. I always leave in more pain than when I arrived.

Never again.

I have no faith in Canadian hospitals anymore.. And I’m Canadian.