My complaint is 3 years old and nothing was done about it except denying any fault on behalf of my surgeon and anesthetist who gave me an overdose of anesthetic lasting an extra 8 hours after my 2 hour knee replacement surgery ended. This is unheard of by any hospital standards and the first thing after all surgeries is to wake the patient asap. I woke up in my hospital room with a colleague standing by my bed and a nurse sitting at her desk. I asked for the time and told it was 6 pm. 8 hours after my surgery ended. I waited for my surgeon to check on me and discuss what happened but he nor any hospital doctor came to examine me then or the following 4 days in hospital and I was discharged without examination by a doctor. I can honestly say the 4 days as a patient was the worse hospital experience in my 73 years. The nurse lied and tried to convince me a doctor made 6 trips to examine me which a doctor never does and if necessary will wake the patient.

I asked for an investigation which turned out to be a joke considering it was done by the hospital staff who denied any thing was wrong and remaining under anesthetic was no big deal except in all other hospitals, it is a big deal and why patients are immediately awakened asap. Lawyers refuse to represent me because there was no physical scars, but neglected to understand this could lead to early Dementia or Alzheimer’s. I am 100% positive something was wrong and may even have been deliberate especially when my surgeon wrote to the College of Physicians & Surgeons ‘ he was satisfied I was awake and alert, even talking to him after my surgery’ which is a total lie. As previously mentioned, neither he or any doctor came to examine me after I woke up.  The hospital continues to deny any thing was wrong, meanwhile the 2 years to lodge a complaint has come and gone which is ridiculous. What other crime is given 2 years to solve? Why do lawyers refuse to represent me? My rights as a 73 year old senior were completely ignored.  I suffer from depression afraid of being a patient again. Why did my former colleague suddenly change her story and immediately when the 2 years was up bought a new car, 2 trips south and Europe, etc.  I am  disappointed with the verdict from the College of Physicians & Surgeons who found my surgeon ‘not guilty’ ; in other words, it was alright to give me an overdose of anesthetic  which lasted 10 hours instead of 2 hours. It was 2 mos before I saw my surgeon and his excuse ‘it takes some people longer to wake up than others, which may be true but not 10 hours especially knowing I have a neurological disorder called Narcolepsy.