My dad is in ICU  it’s been a terrible experience first no doctor comes to talk to you about your loved one my father is sick my mother and I have been trying to be there with him he does not like to be alone  the threaten him to tie him up he panics he has deilaria we are treated like garbage by the nurses not sure why the have that much power I got held at form the doctor cause I want to stay with my dad I’ve never raised my voice this is really bad and scarry and we don’t know what to do tonight’s nurse told use we can stay but we can’t talk to him I stay at night holding his hand he is good he listens to me plus 2 times they tried to sadaite him it went bad he went worse and tonight y is it that I have to tell him please don’t talk just sleep there going to throw use out this is wrong this whole department needs to be investigated it’s bad and no one sees it but we did and that’s why they hate use and the night staff is a  joke they sleep and on there cell phone there is a time for that when I work in work then I go on break this is just crazy and it’s everyone the worse is the charge nurses I’m just waiting g for morning to get him out even if I have to do it my self no support at all this is sad