My son had strange bad pain in his chest. Can’t move can’t lay down can’t lift , for few days and it become unbelievable on Saturday night. On his birthday! We arrived to raz at 1:00 am it wasn’t busy at all. They asset him and put us in a room. At 3:45 he couldn’t handle sitting wth his pain. Can’t move. When we asked what are we wating for they said the doctor will end his shift now. You have to wait until 5!!!!

I talked to the nurse politely, she was very roud. Adding more stress to our horrible night. Shouting he can lay down!!! As if he can and didn’t! . Her name was Reneeh. She is really roud! I read other companies about her. The hospital should do something for that. It’s not fair! We already have enough stress in our life.