I’ve just had a horrible experience at Sick Kids. I’ve brought my daughter’s there for 10 years now for anything that I felt that my daughter’s needed special attention to. So this time I’ve brought them to check up on a lump that appeared on her chest.
I know that she is probably going through puberty soon but I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t a cancerous lump. My other daughter has been having a weird rash appeared on the back of her thigh and was prescribed a cream which I applied with no improvements
as a result. Since I was bringing my first daughter in to get checked up on her lump. I thought that maybe a doctor could get a better look at my second daughter’s rash. The rash seemed very out of the ordinary to me because I’ve never seen anything like it.
Therefore I thought maybe a Sick Kids doctor could give me a better explanation as to what kind of rash my daughter has and as to what kind if lump my first daughter has. Dr. Vicky Fera came along and took a look at my first daughter’s lump and said it could
be a developing breast bud. As a mother I could have told her the same thing. But I just wanted her to take a look because I am not a doctor. Her tone of voice was very rude. She asked me if I went to go see a family doctor. I replied no because it was on
her breast I was worried and afraid it might be something bad. She said I need to find a family doctor. I said I do see a doctor at a walk in clinic. Than we got into this argument about me not seeing the same doctor at the walk in clinic. I specifically told
her that I am seeing the same doctor every time I go to the clinic and that I am comfortable with the doctor I see. See rudely insist that I should find a family doctor because I go to walk in clinic. I told her again  I see the same doctor everytime I go.
HER attitude towards me was rude and made me feel like I don’t know anything and that she is right. I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to know that I see the same doctor everytime. Than it was my daughter with the rash… after seeing my daughter she said that
this is an emergency and that only patients who cannot breath and have broken bones should come there. I was very dissapointed at what she said because that is not true. If my daughter has breast cancer growing or some kind of illness that starts with a rash
than am I not allowed to go there? As a mother I am just afraid that it could be something else and need a doctor to take a look at it. Why do we need doctors for if they cannot tend to our worry and needs. If only they wait until you are on the verge of death
or in serious pain to treat you. From my point she was not professional… she speaks like she knows everything… when in fact she know nothing at all. Her behaviour was rude… degrading when talking to me like I know nothing and she knows it all…it made
us feel like we shouldn’t be there when we came there with a fear that it might be something serious and she totally made me feel like a fool. I am just a parent who wanted my daughter to be looked at by a professional. I donate to sick kids every month because
of the great service and treatment that they provide when we go there. This experience made me feel like I need to voice my experience to get rid of those who don’t belong there or straighten them out. We are there not because we want to. I have to work too.
I’m a single mother supporting my kids. Does she think I want to go there for fun? Does she think us going there is game we play?

I’m really dissapointed.

Anh Chau