Hi There,

For the last few months my Mom and indirectly my family and myself have suffered an unbelievable chain of mistreatment and human rights violation at headwaters hospital located in Orangeville ON

  • My Mom had a stroke but was rejected of seeing a Neurologist as her medical condition was not stable. They denied that and instead the hospital planned for discharging her until her condition suddenly worsened, as expected because her condition was not stable.
  • To free the bed she was using in low stream rehab they created the fiction of being a common bladder infection a sickness that eventually would justify the move to isolation. Applying isolation, without contentment or reason is simply a criminal offense against liberty of move. The unjustified isolation lasted for 14 days.
  • Against her will they decided to put her in palliative care, removing her via and hydration source which would result in her death. That is just NOTĀ consented assisted death.

All of that is properĀ of countries where human rights mean nothing. the same they mean at Headwater hospital in Orangeville