Hello im the father of amanda cunninghams newborn son I would like to file a complaint about one of your staff members in the nersery at the guelph general hospital her name is mary she needs to be retrained about having compasion for patients and needs to learn how to talk to the new mothers in that unit my wife had grand parents come down form out of town at 5 pm and by 530 was told not to handle here son and to leave the baby is 5 days old and its the first time he has been awake for more than 30 minutes so she was bonding with him mary was our nurse one other day and she was rude and did not worry about my sons mothers needs that day I would like to have her removed from my son gerald cunningham care and to be written up for the way she is treating people nurses are suppose to help people not make them cry and further more I would also like to point out that I let the staff know the nursery that the door in the corridor does not lock due to airfow in the hallway they said they know about it but none of the staff pull the door closed behind them im the only one so anyone could just run off with any of the babies on the floor im not happy with the care we have gotten and would like the director to do something about this chaos.