First off I want to address that this is an opinion piece. I am trying to spread awareness to everyone. It’s time the Arnprior and District Memorial changes its ways to  saves lives instead of accidentally taking lives. The following are true events that have taken place at the hospital since 1996.

In 1996 my Father was taken to the Arnprior and District Memorial hospital because he noticed swelling on his leg and wasn’t feeling well at all. After a few hours wait, followed by a few tests the Doctor declared that my Father had pneumonia and sent him home. Six hours later my Mother found my Father on our couch and he was purple and seizing up. It turned out my father had a lethal spider bite. He did not have pneumonia. He had to spend over two months in the hospital after that and they nearly had to cut off his infected leg. Pneumonia, really?

In 2011 my great Uncle was admitted to the hospital. I am not too sure what was wrong with him but what I do know is it wasn’t his time to die. The staff left him alone in his room for three hours without checking on him and he ended up choking in his sleep and passing away. I cannot comprehend how or why the Nurses and Doctor’s, but especially the Nurses could leave him alone for that amount of time without checking on him.

In 2015 my Nanny was admitted to the Arnprior and District memorial hospital for a broken wrist. She had taken a fall at our house outside that day. I get a call later that night stating that my Nanny had choken on a sandwich and they had to revive her. The Nurses had left her ALONE for a long period of time to come back and find her not breathing. They managed to revive her but she passed away a week later because her lungs couldn’t fully recover after the choking episode. This is another story of the staff leaving their patients unattended for long periods of time.

The most recent case is just last week when my Grandfather went to the Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital because he was coughing up blood. He had an x ray done, wasn’t given any results and told to have a CT Scan two months from now in Ottawa. He went home and got worse. My Mother and I took him to the Renfrew Victoria Hospital where they admitted him right away. He found out he had a blood clot in his lungs and an irregular heartbeat. He is still in the Renfrew Victoria Hospital as I write this. If we wouldn’t of taken him to a different hospital than he could have died that very night.

Some serious changes need to be made at the Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital. I am not trying to slander them. This is an opinion piece. I want to save people so they don’t have to experience these terrible situations as well. In conclusion if you want to go to a hospital you know you can count on than I strongly recommend the Renfrew Victoria Hospital.

(Names have been left out to protect the deceased and former living patients.)