I was in ER in such awful pain.  I was told that an MRI is necessary.  I continue to have pain after 6 weeks.  I was informed that someone from Markham Stouffville Hospital will call me for the appointment…..After a week, I called the hospital…..The MRI department argued that they did not lose the requisition and that ER did not put it in.  ER said that I am no longer a patient and call Health Records..and on and on and on…Well your patient continues to have pain and tingling effect.  My back is now numb and I can’t feel part of my lower back.  As a patient, I really don’t care who lost it or who did not do it…..The person at patient booking at ext 6020 IS RUDE and constantly suggest that I call ER…BUT THAT SHOULD NOT BEW MY RESPONSIBILITY.  Sadly, I know how to navigate the system and I have to say, there needs to be some customer service training