To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express my concern in regards to the treatment that my mother, Maureen Carson, received from Dr. Senaratne, Hanohara PJ, Res 02665 and his assisting nurse ( I did not get her name) when she was in the Grey Nuns Hospital for the Insertion of a pace maker on April 7, 2016. She was transferred from the Sturgeon Hospital after being admitted for extreme changes to her heart rate. From extremely high heart rates to extremely low (flatlining). She was sent there by the cardiologist from the Sturgeon Hospital as he had spoken with a Dr. G from the Grey Nuns, and they both agreed that a pacemaker was the right coarse of action for her symptoms.

When we arrived to the pacemaker unit, she was informed that Dr. Senaratne, Hanohara PJ, Res 02665 Would be doing the procedure and not Dr. G. This caused some concern for my mom as Dr. Senaratne, Hanohara PJ, Res 02665 came into the room and right away, told mom in a very agitated voice, that he does not know why mom was there as mom is not going to feel any better and it will not fix her. He wanted to know who authorized this procedure. He was very cold and ignorant to mom when she asked why she was doing this procedure then. He would not listen to any of her concerns and just kept saying mom would not feel any better. Mom had questions and the doctor just kept ignoring them and cutting mom off when she was asking them. I went to speak to the Nurse to ask if she thought my mother should be doing the procedure and if this Doctor is any good as his attitude toward my mom was terrible. The nurse was very rude to me and I tried to explain that this is my mother and I am concerned. I was an LPN, in the past, and If I treated patients and their families like the nurse did, I would quit right there. Her attitude and bedside manner was horrible. This nurse assisted with the procedure on my mother as well.

My mom finally decided to go through with the insertion of the pacemaker as she thought that the Dr. From the Sturgeon and Dr G figured it would be beneficial to her health. My mom signed the papers.
I requested that my mom get something to help calm her down before the procedure as mom was extremely nervous after all this confrontation with the Doctor.
The Doctor, said he did not believe in giving anything before. I explained that we knew of other people that had this procedure done and they all received something to calm them before as they are awake through it all. The Doctor finally told me he would give her something.

My mom went in to have the procedure done and she came out, she was crying. I asked my mom if she was OK and she told me that they were rough and mean to her through the whole thing. She said the Doctor told the nurse that my mother had requested something to relax. Apparently the nurse told the Doctor, “Where am I supposed to put it”, and the doctor said forget it then. My mother said that they were extremely rough with her through procedure. She said that the nurse pulled the taped on paddles off with no consideration on how it hurt to my mother. I believe this as they were rude and mean to my mom with me standing there before the procedure had been done.

My mom was then transferred to the day surgery and was there for a total of about 10 minutes before the hospital transfer showed up to take her back to the Sturgeon Hospital. The nurse had not even taken her blood pressure yet or given her tray to eat. The poor nurse downstairs was trying to take her vitals while they were transferring my mom to the EMT Bed. She then threw her sandwich in to a specimen bag and they wheeled her off.

As an ex LPN, I have never been so appalled at how she was treated through this whole thing at the Grey Nuns Hospital. I feel this doctor and the attending nurse need to be reprimanded on the way they treated my mother. I am so glad I was there with her to witness this and if anything, we can stop this from happening to some other person going to Unit 24 ( pace maker unit).

I would like someone to look into this and keep me updated as to what action was taken to try and stop this from happening to someone else and their family.

I would also like to add that the treatment my mother received from the Sturgeon Hospital was exceptional. She was treated with the dignity and Respect that she and any other patient deserves.

Thank you,

Kristine Haydey