My 80 year old grandmother is a dialysis patient at Brampton Civic Hospital. She goes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This past Saturday April 9th 2016 when she went, the nurses forgot to cap her line. In a nutshell, she had been bleeding out through her line from when she left the hospital to when she got home. Because it is cold out she had a jacket on and we didn’t become aware of the bleeding until she complained of being ‘wet.’ We then assumed this may have been due to a soiled diaper but when she pointed at her right breast and my aunt lifted up her shirt to our horror she was drenched in blood and when her footsteps were retraced the evidence of blood was in the car, the driveway, up the stairs leading to the front door and drops all over the front foyer and hallway. There was fresh blood that was coming from her line. We quickly got her into a horizontal position in order to stop the bleeding. There was pressure put on the site and the hospital was called. They nonchalantly stated to bring her back in so they could fix it. We were in no position to transport her seeing as she would need to sit up in the care and in the meanwhile her hands became blue, freezing cold to the touch and her skin was pale as a ghost. She then began complaining of chest pain (possibly because the heart began to work extra hard in order to make up for the dip in blood pressure.) We called 911 in hopes of having an ambulance come in to assist with the blood loss and they came within 10-15mins, all the while fresh blood being lost from my poor, already frail grandmother. The ambulance came and stated that there was nothing they could do and that they had no expertise in dialysis and would need to take her to the hospital. They took her BP which was 90/50, (normal range 120/80.) At this point when my grandmother got light of the fact that she was being taken back to the hospital that put her in this predicament and begin to cry and beg to stay home. Off note: she has been admitted to the hospital many times in the past and every time suffers from a fall because the nurses don’t assist her to the bathroom or to and from tests adequately. In any case she was transported to the Emerge department at approximately 6:30pm and didn’t have the issue rectified until 10pm, when the nurses up in dialysis found it convenient to come down and cap the line of a patient who was losing so much fresh blood. If I had to guess at least 10 ounces of blood was lost based on the evidence from the clothing and when she went to emerge she wasn’t given any blood, not even an IV and she is a diabetic patient. This hospital boasts patient centered care but treats it patient like pieces of meat in a butcher shop! They have a long standing history of making ‘mistakes’ since it first opened it’s doors back in 2007, with many a public lawsuits coming to light against the hospital and it’s practices. If your healthcare is dear to you I would suggest you avoid this hospital at all costs!