I took my father Mr. Pravin Kantilal Shah to emergency department on 17th march, 2016 of William Osler Emergency Service.  My father is on wheel chair as he has hip dislocation.  When I took him to emergency, first they registered my father’s name and then they told us to sit.  After about 45 minutes, I spoke to a lady registering the patients that my father cannot sit for long due to hip dislocation.  She said go and sit, we will call you.  We sat and we were called to pay $500 for emergency registration.  Again we went back and sat for about 45 minutes and we were called for initial check up.  The nurse checked his temperature and Blood Pressure.  She told us that they will call us for doctor to check and we take a seat.  My father was in lot of pain and he said he cannot sit any longer.  I went and told the lady that my father cannot sit.  They did not even provide us with a stretcher and told us to go and sit.  I went to the lobby to see if any sofa was available so that I can lay down my father.  We sat for another 3 hours and still my father was not called.  I told the lady that it is taking too long for a doctor to see us and she said it will take another 2.5 hours.  My father was in lot of pain and he was still not seen by the doctor nor was given stretcher to sleep and relax.  I was very mad at this point and told the lady that we are leaving and she said its your decision.  We left around 11 pm and my father was already feeling so weak.  He passed away on 19th march, 2016 of pneumonia.  We could have saved my father if they would have either provided stretcher or took him immediately after the lady took his temperature and blood pressure.  The lady also mentioned that he is in critical condition and still they did not take any immediate action.  I would like to file a complaint against Etobicoke hospital emergency department that they do not recognize the severity and take action immediately.