My sister had surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital February 15/2015. She had three aneurysm, one was ruptured and two were clipped. The Doctor had told us he wasn’t sure she’d make it, but she did survived. She was then put into ICU for recovery. After about a week she started to respond the family, knew us all and asked for friends. Then she developed seizures which the Doctor then gave her medication to prevent any further seizures or stroke. They elevated her blood pressure saying that this will enable more oxygen to the brain. They raised it so high she had a stroke. ( which they claimed to be seizures) They reduced the blood pressure which was elevated by a machine. Every thing was going good until the Doctor who was treating her decided to try and take her off the medication to see what would happen…claiming that some times people with aneurysm does not necessarily continue to have stroke nor seizures. I begged the Doctor to continue with the medication, but she said it was for the best and promised she’d keep an eye on my sister checking regularly. My sister was then moved to another area of the ICU unit and was placed in the care of a nurse. The 9am morning when my sister was moved she was in good spirit and was calling out to my elder sister who saw this transfer. 11 am that same morning my sister stopped responding. My elder sister asked the nurse why was this so, the nurse said she did not know. The nurse did not notified the Doctor about this. My sister remain like this until 5 PM when I Marcia Morris went to visit her, not responding shaking and foam coming from her mouth. I immediately yelled at the nurse to call the Doctor. My sister Janice was staring at the ceiling non responsive. The Doctor came in 20 minutes later and agreed that something was wrong. ( this Doctor was a student Doctor) He then ordered seizure medication. The next day we were told that my sister had a major stroke. They told the family that they were going to put her into a induce coma to try and rest the brain. After days and days of waiting she finally came back. The hospital refused to give us the name of the nurse who was in charge of my sister care on that day, they also refuse to put some blame on the Doctor who took her off the medication and did not monitor her, also no blame on the head nurse who had put an inexperience nurse to monitor my sister.
My sister was then transferred to Providence Health Care a few weeks later for physiotherapy. A few days after arrival I over heard some staff saying that my sister was transferred too early and should have been kept at Sunnybrook longer. They said she should have received some sort of physiotherapy before coming there ( my sister could not sit up, had to be prompted on a pillow) She remained there from around middle May to July 12, while receiving blood transfusion at Humber Hospital/finch site. Not only did she had aneurysm she also suffered from sickle cell disease. Around some time in July 2015, my sister was admitted in Humber Hospital, finch site. The Doctor in charge did not order seizure medication causing my sister to have another stroke. When ask why she did not give her the medication the Doctor replied ” I missed it”. I called the Humber hospital and made a complaint. I was told that they would send my sister for an X ray of the brain and will call a family meeting on the result. I never got called for such meeting. I have tried several times for a meeting but was ignored. Today March 7, 2016, I was told that my sister x ray showed several strokes which is preventing her the ability to walk and function properly. This came as a shock to me because I was only aware of the two stroke at Sunnybrook Hospital. I need these two Hospital to be investigated because I feel that these Doctors and nurses treated my sister badly because she is poor and have sick cell disease. Now, no body wants to take responsibility for what has happened to her. I really want these Hospitals to be fully investigated. I feel all of this was due to negligence.