Arrived at admitting to take my diabetic 85 year old Korean Veteran brother in for stent surgery. Got to the required floor and was informed there might not be a bed for him. Told to wait & they would let me know if they could get him a bed. At 10:30 he started to complain about a head ache & how hungry he was. I went back up to the nurses station and they said oh didn’t anyone tell you that we couldn’t find him a bed and you should go home. As we had come in from Chilliwack I was rather miffed that they had not called the day before to let us know that they were double booked and it wasn’t going to happen. His house was being cleared of bugs for the next 2 days and I had respite covered for the one night I needed it. This man has workers come in 4 times a day to give him his meds & feed him. I suffer from COPD and do not handle stress well. I had to take care of him in a hotel for 2 days because of their screw up. I never would of order the fumigation if I had known he had to come back home the same day. I had cancelled his home care also and could not get it back at the hotel. the nurses station blamed it on the doctors office and the doctors office blamed it on the hospital. A social worker was sent out to speak with us and was a useful as the tits on a bull. I don’t care who is to blame would like compensation for the hotel bill, gas & food. I have since found out through the nursing staff there that is was actually the surgery nurses error. If you want to know more about this incident you can call me 6404-506-4511 I would like to start some kind of advocacy against double booking.