Monday Jan. 25 2016 To whom it may concern,

I am a patient who is currently awaiting surgery at the Foothills Hospital here in Calgary. I have been here since Jan. 12 2016.
During the duration of my stay, I have come to notice the hospital and its staff have been very pleasant. All but one seem to fit this description. I am referring to one employee in-particular. There is a young nurse in the unit I am on whom I have had the misfortune of having as an attending nurse.
I am currently on the fourth floor of McCaig tower in the Southern Alberta Tissue Unit PCU 44, in room 4410, and the nurse I am referring to goes by the name Tamara. She has been my attending nurse for the last three nights, and never have I met such an ignorant person. I could go on in great lengths about her inability to read and follow my charts as well as her unmistakable tone.
I do not work in the same profession but have a great deal of friends and family that do, and I firmly believe that there are two essential keys one must have before entering this profession. One, being the education or knowledge and two, compassion or the passion of wanting to help other people. I believe that the absence of either of these key points makes for a less than adequate health care provider.
I hope that proper measures will be taken to ensure that inadequate personal are dealt with accordingly.


Jonathan D. Pellerin