Dr. Bill McCready who is the Interim President & CEO at TBRHSC and Interim CEO at TBRRI and Cathy Covino Senior Director, Quality and Risk Management both condone and promote sexual assault of women during labour and delivery. You see, their nurses in labour and delivery tell women who have denied a vaginal exam during active labour that they can go somewhere else to have the baby if they do not submit to it. This is coercion and is considered a sexual battery on a patient. It is a clear violation of the Health Care Consent Act to coerce patients and any consent received through coercion is considered invalid. I wrote them a complaint and was told someone would respond within 45 days but no one has every done so. By ignoring this complaint and condoning the actions of the nurses in labour and delivery without any consequences, they are condoning and promoting sexual assault against women. It is against the Health Care Consent Act to do such a thing. Both the interim CEO, Dr.McCready and the Director of Quality and Risk Management, Cathy Covino both feel that since a patient was ok with having their rights violated through coercion than their staff can continue to do it until a patient is not ok with it. This type of mentality is beyond crazy and i question the sanity of both of these people.