My mother Loraine Gough was living at Norfolk hospital.The hospital would not let her leave because they deemed her incapable to live on her own.In July 2015 the hospital staff told my mother she had to pay $2400.00 for her care at the hospital.The hospital arranged transportation for my mother to have someone take her to the bank to make a cheque payable to the hospital.This was done without Loraine’s daughters knowledge.Her daughters are the substitute decision makers.The hospital commited financial abuse to my mother.The daughters question their mother on what happened at the bank the day the cheque was made.Loraine Gough couldn’t recall the events of that day.The hospital took advantage of my mom’s weakened state of mind.The hospital diagnosed her with dementia and early Alzheimers.This is a perfect example of stealing from the elderly.The daughters should’ve been informed.Please investigate this matter promptly.